Helping Highly Ambitious C-Suite Exec Candidates Land Their Dream Role, In The Perfect Organisation - With A 35%+ Remuneration Hike

Without Grinding Through Countless Applications & Interviews

Why Them?

Are YOU an ambitious & talented C-Suite Exec who’s outgrown your current role? You KNOW you NEED to move. You’ve been trying for MONTHS to land the IDEAL position. But you’re STRUGGLING to get offers. Or EVEN interviews.  

You’re frustrated. DESPITE your outstanding credentials, you’re spinning your wheels on the starting line. And you KNOW that LESS capable Exec candidates are somehow forging ahead, making THEIR next career move & enjoying the SIZEABLE remuneration hike that should be yours.

What Am I Doing Wrong?

You keep wondering WHAT you’re doing wrong and just WHAT you have to do to get in front of the RIGHT hiring organisations.

I TOTALLY understand how you feel. I hear it every day from the Execs I work with. But, it does NOT have to be like this! Fortunately, I know EXACTLY how to fix it!

Smashing Through The Inertia

As an Exec-level headhunter for over 20 years, I've seen COUNTLESS CVs/resumes, conducted THOUSANDS of interviews & shortlisted MANY hundreds of Execs. I KNOW what works & I know absolutely what does NOT work, when it comes to Exec candidates landing their next role.

And I understand, in-depth, WHAT makes HIRING organisations TICK and WHAT THEY'RE looking for when they're filling their most SENIOR vacancies.  

I developed my unique CGX System specifically to help struggling Exec candidates to overcome the same LACK of traction & feelings of FRUSTRATION that you’re experiencing right now.

Which Dream Role Do I Take?

Many have gone on to quickly land their IDEAL role, with a BIG remuneration uplift, after being lost for MONTHS in the recruitment jungle.  

This is your GAME-CHANGING moment, where you can learn how to supercharge your search for your next role. And to switch from the grind of TOO many applications & interviews for little or NO return, to a FAR better place, where - INSTEAD - YOU'LL be deciding WHICH job you’re going to be accepting from the MULTIPLE offers on the table.

Just click the link below and register for a completely FREE Expert Headhunter MASTERCLASS, where you'll discover:

1. The 7 Biggest SELF-Sabotaging Mistakes Made By Exec Candidates.

2. The Art Of Crafting Your CV/Resume To Game The Recruitment System To Your Unfair Advantage (& To Open All The Right Doors).

3. What Separates The Successful (& Contented) Exec Candidates From The Rest. 

So go ahead, click the link, register for the Masterclass & I’ll see you there!

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